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Monday, June 25th, 2007
11:53 am
Companies and their campaigns
Various companies and services promote and present themselves in different ways. I know that I am personally always annoyed when a company tries to act all hip and cool, b but doesn’t really get it (See McDonald’s hilariously oblivious “Double Cheeseburger? I’d hit it!” campaign):

With that in mind, what are some companies whose promotion irritates you and why?

What are some companies whose promotion impresses you and why?

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Tuesday, June 19th, 2007
2:41 pm
Online Profiles
Most people have one (and usually more) profiles online. Obviously, all of you have a profile on LiveJournal, so we'll take that as a given. I'm interested to know more about how you keep an maintain profiles online:

1) How many online profiles do you have (on average)? Name as many as you can from MySpace to Twitter to any forums you can mention and so on.

2) What kind of info do you like to be able to include in a profile and why? What do you not like to include?

3) If you meet someone IRL, which (if any) profile do you give them for reference/contact?

4) IRL, do you give people the entire URL of your favorite profile, or just instructions for finding it?

5) Would you prefer an easier way to refer people IRL to an online profile or blog?

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Thursday, June 14th, 2007
4:32 pm
Here's our next mobility question - Capturing information on the fly
When you're out and about in the real world, what kind of stuff do you see or encounter which you would like to capture and memorize, in order to use it later?

Here are some examples from my life: a flyer for a band or exhibition posted on a bulletin board, a song on the radio that I want to download on itunes, an interesting person I meet randomly, or just a cool idea that pops-up in my mind... there are many more examples, but I'm sure you got it by now.

Secondly, what are the means you use to capture this information? Pen & paper, your PDA, cellphone, memory? etc.

Tell us as much as you can and want. Would love to get some real world examples.

Thanks again!
4:26 pm
Thanks for your feedback on the mobile messaging poll
it's been interesting to see your votes and read your comments. Seems like SMS has made some headways in the U.S. especially over the last year or two, but mobile IM is still behind. I guess that data plans are still too pricey, and the experience on most phones is still pretty abysmal.

I've been using IM on my blackberry every now and then, and it's been pretty cool - since it definitely feels like I can continue the desktop experience smoothly into my phone when I'm on the go. But I definitely use SMS much more, probably 10-12 times a day.

I hope that someone who works for the carriers would read this blog :-) maybe it will make them wake up!

Thanks you again for your participation and great feedback! Na'ama
Tuesday, June 12th, 2007
2:03 pm
The Grand Mobile Messaging Poll is here
We want to understand  better your usage of mobile messaging, in particular SMS (or text messaging, as it is commonly referred to in the U.S.) and mobile IM. Here is an initial set of questions to get you started. Thanks!
Poll #1002047 The Grand Mobile Messaging Poll

Are you using SMS/ Texting?


How often do you use SMS

Couple of times a day
Couple of times a week
Rarely use it
Never use it

Do you use IM (instant messaging) from your cellphone?


How often do you use IM from your cellphone?

Couple of times a day
Couple of times a week
Rarely use it
Never use it
1:55 pm
Thank you for your initial set of reponses!
People, thanks for your responses to my first question. It takes me some time to read through all of them but I have started to follow up with some individual questions, and I want to make sure that I read through every post to get to know you better. Thank you again for sharing your "typical day" with us.
Monday, June 11th, 2007
5:45 pm
Questions about your cellphone poll voting
Thanks for voting in our cellphone poll. Results were quite predictable I must  say...

I have two questions to those of us in the extreme sides of the poll:

To those of you who have more than one cellphone: why? do you use different cellphones for different tasks (i.e.: one for work; another for private life)? Are you paying the bill for both phones or one of them is sponsored by your work, for example? It'd be nice if you give us some real life examples, since we're considering whether or not we should add support for multiple phones on one's profile in our product specs.

To those of you who don't have a cellphone at all: why? Honestly, I can't imagine my life with no cellphone... how do you do it? What is the main motivation: money? freedom? lack of interest?

Thanks for your answers!
5:14 pm
Hey y'all: first question for the Hoojins community is here
Please describe to us how does your typical day look like, with particular attention to the way you're using and interacting with your mobile phone and the internet.

Here is my example: I use my blackberry as my alarm clock, so when I wake up in the morning to instinctively shut down the alarm... I grab the phone and immediately see all the emails I got during the night. Next thing, while boiling water for coffee I turn on my computer and download all my emails into outlook. I usually check one of three Israeli news site to make sure my family is still alive... :-) I use MS outlook to organize my meetings' schedule. When I'm out and about, I use my blackberry numerous times to send and receive emails, check on my calendar and take notes if there's anything important I don't want to forget. I never use my task (or to-do) application on BB or on Outlook. I use Gmail occasionally, and mainly for email lists. Basically, I spend most of my day in front of my computer, and when I'm out my cellphone provides me with limited access to information. I must admit: I'm addicted to Blackberry. I feel it has increased my productive a lot. But it is also annoying to realize that I've adopted this compulsive obsessive need to check emails all the time... it still sucks to surf the internet from my phone. Although I tried it several times, I was never too happy with the results. I've never used my phone for games or music downloads, but I never do it on my PC either. Although I use iTunes as my default music player, I don't have an iPod... I don't have a digital camera, so I take pictures with my phone (it's BB Pearl). The quality of the camera is not that great, but it does provide a reasonable way to memorize things on the go. I've tried MMSing once  but it totally killed my phone. So ever since then, I've been mainly downloading pix from the phone to my computer once a month or so. I use SMS a lot; have a pretty big bundle plan with T-Mobile. Tried ringtone back once (Otherside of Red Hot Chili Peppers), but then I got convinced that people may get annoyed, so I took it off. I did like the fact that I can customize my ringtone back to different people, but never ended up doing it...  Never downloaded ringtones, wallpapers or games. I love to use my phone as an input/output device mainly, and my computer for all the rest.

What about you?
11:45 am
Invite your friends
Hey everyone - we're going to be starting to ask lots of questions this week to get your insights on how you interact with technology in your daily life. If you have anyone on your flist, who you feel would have a special insight or interest in this subject, please invite them to join the community. While you're at it, feel free to make an open invite to your whole flist - the more the merrier as we'd like to get as many differing views as possible.

And hey, what does everyone think of the iPhone? Good? Bad? Meh?


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Friday, June 8th, 2007
1:15 pm
Poll #999672 Cellphone poll

Do you own a cellphone?

I have more than one cellphone
1:08 pm
Hello everyone!
Hello people! I am M-A's "boss" and at least as far as I can tell, I still haven't completed the full metamorphosis into a disembodied voice speakerphone (I thought this was hilarious Rob!).
My name is Na'ama (you can pronounce it: Nama if you'd like). I'm 28 years old and live around Palo Alto, CA. I'm originally from Israel, but have been living in the U.S. for the last 5 years. M-A has been working with me in stealth mode for almost a year now, and so far it's been an awesome ride. I must be honest with you all; it's the first time I am using LJ (...) but it's already been very exciting. I want to thank you all so much for joining our community. We've been working hard to develop a technology that as much as it is simple it is powerful. Yes, we want to change the world, but do it one step at a time :-) The goal of this blog is to learn about you, your needs and wants, and how can we make your mobile life better. We will expose our product ideas bit by bit, since we first want to hear from you, before we limit the discussion to what the product actually does. So welcome everybody! thank you again for joining, and I am looking forward to get to know you all better. We will start posting questions and polls in the next few days. Every answer is really important to us.
Thursday, June 7th, 2007
1:46 pm
Welcome, everyone - by way of introduction...please introduce yourself. Be social, say Hi, or whatever it is you kids are into these days. :)

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